Daily Journal: A Bright Green Worm

I went without coffee this morning. I don’t know why. I just didn’t feel like making it. And I guess I wanted to see if I would even be effected by it that much. I pretty much felt the same. It didn’t even take me any longer to wake up. As soon as my bike hit the road I was wide awake.

I love those morning bike rides. It’s a morning devotional, mixed with exercise, mixed with fresh air.

Sue’s mom asked me to weed her garden for her. She’s going to pay me. We could use the money. I also feel good doing a little extra to help us get by.

The garden is also a really nice place to work. Daniel was there mowing the lawn. We only talked briefly. Then I worked by myself.

A super bright green caterpillar or worm or something crawled by while I was weeding. I had to take a picture. There were all sorts of little critters. There were also some spiders.

I got a lot of the weeding done but didn’t finish completely. Sue’s mom Kim pulled into the driveway just as I was finishing. We talked for a bit in the garden. It was a perfect day to weed. My fingers felt soar but in a good way. My knees were stinging from kneeling in the dirt and gravel.

When I got back Sue was in the motor home. We built this little divider wall to go behind the sink in the kitchen area. It was quite the puzzle though. The motor home isn’t perfectly straight so it’s hard to line things up. We built it as a perfect square but it turns out that it needs to be more of a rhombus. We also put on the knobs, and caulked around a few more pieces of trim we’ve added.

It was dark when we came in. I gave our raised bed a drink. Some things are starting to flower. I’m so excited to eat from it.

We came inside and talked to Camille. We all sat together in the living room and chatted. I crashed right after that though.


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