Daily Journal – Haircut Day

I woke up and the morning light was flooding into our room even through the tightly closed blinds. I got dressed and looked at Sue. Her black tuft of hair was the only thing uncovered from the blankets. I had to take a picture.

I worked a full day of work and then came home. Sue and I worked in the motor home again. We did a few things, took measurements, and tried to build that wall behind the kitchen sink again. I cut the angles that were needed, but we realized that since we were building with shiplap, the wall had straight horizontal lines, that made the lines from the counter or the cupboards look obviously not straight.

We messed around with some different options for a while but then decided that we needed to scrap it and use a board with no lines.

 Sue made tacos! They were so good. She sent me to the store for the ingredients. Then she made them up and we ate them on the back porch while we examined the new growth in our garden.

 Sue asked for help with her flash cards, so we studied them in bed. She knew them like 100% so I don’t know why she was asking for help. Sue’s been asking for a haircut for a few days. I got the haircutting stuff down from the cupboard above the fridge and Sue showed me a picture of what she wanted.

 I started snipping like Edward Scissorhands. Camille came home and we put on some music and talked as I cut her hair. Then she wanted to cut off my dead ends. I let her just snip away. I think she did pretty good. She said that I kept moving and wouldn’t hold still.

Sue cut all the dead ends off of may hair and I started whipping it around. Sue and Camille and I stayed up til one in the morning talking.



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