Daily Journal Birthday Brunch and A Friends Wedding

Today we had plans to go out for breakfast with some friends for my birthday that’s coming up on the 27th. Sue did most of the planning. She called everyone and made an event.

We left an hour early with Corinne, Camille, and Lanae since we knew that this place was really popular, especially on a Sunday. They said our wait was going to be an hour and half. We went to the Gov Cup Cafe for some coffee first and waited and hung out there and I opened some presents.

Tom picked up Robby, and Becky and Bjorn met us at Gov Cup. We sat and drank coffee. We each ordered something different. They make such good coffee there.

We headed over to Word Of Mouth Bistro when they texted that our table was ready. I ordered an omelet and Sue got eggs Benedict. They both tasted amazing. The atmosphere was really good too. Kind of busy and fun.

We all talked and talked. We discussed weather it was appropriate to view the art of people who have sexually assaulted someone. A lot of actors and directors are being uncovered, and some of their movies are being canceled. But there’s also some undeniably good art already put out by people who have been sexual predators. It was fun to have that discussion.

We also talked about wolverines. Bjorn had just watched something on wolverines. He said that one even took down a polar bear in the zoo one time.

Tom sniped us on the bill and paid for everyone’s food! We were all in shock honestly. It was expensive and super nice. Not that Tom isn’t super giving. He is. But he hardly even knew Becky or Camille, and he just paid for everyone.

Then we headed home for just a minute to change and pick up our friend Rebecca who was going to the wedding too.

The wedding was out in the country. They had the ceremony outside and then the reception was in a barn/venue. It was a super nice day, it’s starting to finally feel like summer. They sang a duet as she walked down the aisle to each other.

Marcus and Donovan were there. They didn’t know the bride or groom but they got hired to take pictures. I hung out with Marcus. We were laughing and hoarking down the horderves. We had a great time.

We stayed the whole time. We threw lavender and something else at them as they did their get away.

The ride home was beautiful. The farmers were getting ready to harvest and the fields and trees were a painting around us.

Then we went to Sue’s family dinner. We couldn’t stay long because Sue had loads of homework, but Daniel was making his venison sausage and we had to get some. We ate and talked out on the front porch. Amadeo crawled around and pet the cat. Daniel showed us what a standing guillotine was. We all hung out and talked.

We drove back with Corinne. Her and I talked while we waited in the car for Sue to print something from the library. When we got back we told Camille about the wedding. Then Sue and Camille started doing their homework while I started writing this.

This is me opening mushroom jerky from Camille

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