Daily Journal – Denim Shoes

Today I had a kind of a bad day of work. I failed at some things that I was supposed to take care of and had to email my boss and a few other people explaining myself. Everyone was very understanding, and some of the circumstances were out of my control, but all the same, I didn’t feel very good.

I was able to see Sue while I was working though. I drove by her and said hi for like a second. It made me feel better.

After work I found Sue working on some homework at the kitchen table. We both had such an urge to go outside and go for a hike. I texted my brother Tom and asked if he wanted to forage for mushrooms. He was down. He was at our house in like five minutes.

He brought his dog Kong. Kong’s the one I who’s head I rolled up in the window a while ago. We took Tom’s car this time though, so Kong was safe.

We went out to the woods to a spot that we had been scoping out for a while. We walked a little farther down the trail then we had before and then ventured off. I started noticing poison oak everywhere. I wasn’t too worried about it though, I’ve always been immune to it.

I pointed it out to Tom and he said that he’s never had it either. We guessed that he had the same immunity. Kong was all over it. I saw him run through it a few times.

We hardly found any mushrooms this time. It was okay though. We stopped to take a bunch of pictures because the woods were so magical.

Sue and I have some special soap that we use after we tromp around in poison oak. I decided to shower with it just in case. Sue’s dad told me one time that the immunity doesn’t always last forever. I knew Kong had been all over it and then was crawling all over me in the car. It would have bad.

Then we decided to go to Corvallis. I really needed some shorts. It’s hard for me to find shorts for some reason too. Maybe because I want them to be so cheap but still look decently attractive.

We went to Goodwill and found no shorts, but Sue tried on the stupidest pair of denim shoes we had ever seen. It was hilarious.

Then we searched at TJ Max and I found a pair that worked. Sue tried on more ridiculous shoes. We goofed around for a while.

After that we went to Market Of Choice. Sometimes we get dinner there, but once we were inside we decided to get nothing. Sue just pretended to eat a box of frozen pancakes and we sent a picture to Jesus. We were just talking with him about how there’s lots of frozen waffles, but no frozen pancakes.

It was already late by the time we got home. We just winded down and hung out for a while.


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