Daily Journal – My Birthday

It was my actual birthday on Sunday. We had gone out to brunch like a week before with friends but that was just because this Sunday wouldn’t have worked as well.

Camille was gone in southern Oregon, so Sue and I had the place to ourselves. We got up early and Sue made buckwheat waffles. She made me an awesome cake. It was a three layered dark chocolate (I like chocolate) cake with mushrooms and a salamander she made out of marzipan.

I couldn’t believe how good at sculpting cakes Sue is. The salamander was so realistic looking. She even painted it with a paint brush and food coloring.

Then we met my family for my birthday lunch. Chris and Chrissy and Tom were there. We made individual pizzas and grilled them on the bbq. Sue and I layered ours so tall it was comical. Very delicious though.

For dessert we had fruit pizza to go along with our pizza theme. I had asked if we could take a hike. We were running a little late on time though because we were meeting Sue’s family for my birthday dinner in a few hours, so we decided to go for a shorter hike.

We took the dogs. They swam in the creek and Tom and I were throwing my discs around. Kong found a baby robin that couldn’t fly yet and chased it through a graveyard from the 1800’s. My mom freaked out because she didn’t want Kong to kill the bird.

We quickly ran home and grabbed our cake. Sue kept it in the fridge so it would solidify a little bit more. I drove super carefully and Sue kept her hand on this one extra wobbly mushroom the whole ride.

We went out to eat with Sue’s family. We met at Taproot and all ate together at a big table. I got a veggie burger and I was so stuffed by the time I finished it.

Back at the farm everyone marveled at Sue’s cake. I went out to the woods and picked some ferns to put under the platter. It looked amazing. It was hard to cut into.

We ate cake and I opened birthday cards. Everyone wrote me really nice cards. Even Steve. He made me three cards actually. Each had a drawing of horses on them.

We visited for a while with everyone. Kim gave me instructions for watching Steve while they’ll be gone. He basically takes care of himself. He just needs reminders and his dinner made.

When we got back Sue and I stayed up late again. We snacked on snacks and layed on the couch until it was passed midnight.


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