Six Months of Motorhome Living!


We’ve officially been living tiny in our renovated motor home for six months now! We’ve really loved having our own space that we can do whatever we want with. We’ve always rented and never owned anything before and it feels so good to be able to paint, remodel and make this space completely our own. We love having less things and keeping life a little more simple. We’re by no means minimalists, but do appreciate the things we have and have gotten rid of things we don’t use or that don’t add value to our lives. It’s super cozy and we couldn’t love this space any more than we do.

When we made this transition, we initially wanted to renovate a school bus, but soon realized that the cost was just too much for us at the time. We decided that instead of waiting to live mobile and tiny we would do a much cheaper option and buy an old motor home that we found on Craigslist! We bought it with my financial aid check and the entire motor home cost a fifth of what the bus conversion would have cost us. We are so happy that we decided to just go for it and not wail until things were perfect!



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