The sun came out yesterday, here are some pictures it was beautiful, but FREEZING cold!       My room     What to do when there’t too much snow to go outside?                 The view from my window     This picture is full saturation…   … More Sun!


Cordova About to take off! Flying over Main Bay Hatchery   The bay almost completely frozen   Our manager, Jay’s boat…   The view from my window   More snow!

Snow snow snow…

  February 6, 2013 After three days in Cordova I am finally here at Main Bay Hatchery! Due to the weather, no one could fly out of Cordova so we watched a lot of movies, visited the museum, walked around town… several times, took way too many pictures and became regulars at the Killer Whale … More Snow snow snow…

3 days and counting…

In three days I will be flying from Portland Oregon to Cordova Alaska! Not sure what I’m getting myself into, but the whole opportunity seems nothing short of divine. Thanks to Corinne I have a nice camera and I will try and post as many pictures as possible. Paul and I arrive in Cordova at 4:15pm on the second day of the … More 3 days and counting…

Storm passed

There was a  storm that came through the area, so for the past few days the internet has been down. But today the sun is back and the internet’s working again. We’re leaving anywhere from the 12th to the 15th depending on the weather. Eggtake is over 148,000,000 eggs later! Now we are on to … More Storm passed


We went on an awesome hike yesterday with Cody and Yasin, our fellow hatchery fish techs, we saw three bears! Black bear sighting!! Yasin, from Turkey, doing his Rocky pose  Cody, from pennsylvania  Another bear!

So far, so good!

Today was great, we only worked 10 hours 🙂 Meaning we had time to do all kinds of stuff, but still got some overtime pay. We even got to shop at the “Goodwill” at the hatchery. On the upstairs level there’s a little room filled with things that people have left in there rooms that’s … More So far, so good!


Esther Lake It was a little chilly Wild Alaskan blueberries Warming up for a swim The Alaskan wilderness Our first day of work was awesome, we only worked 8 hours so we had all day to just explore the island! It’s so beautiful! We went for a swim in Esther Lake, which is FREEZING cold … More Swimming!