Weekly Update | New Vlogs!

Hey guys! Can’t believe it’s been another week. So much happened this past week. The DTS speaker was a lady named Margret from Uganda. She spoke on The Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare and Prayer. It was a super powerful week, all our students loved it and everyone experienced a lot of breakthrough. We made some vlogs about our Monday and Thursday schedules here on the base, so check those out!

I spent two evenings this week maintaining Gamariel’s wife, Glorious’, dreadlocks for her while the DTS students watched a nature documentary in our apartment. We love having them over and it was really fun. Friday night we had dinner with Margret at her house with the DTS staff and it was a really good time together.

We spent Saturday reviewing the Heaven Restaurant and Hotel, which was fantastic! I’ll post our review sometime this next week but we had such an amazing time there.

Today we did local outreach at a church in Kabeza called Agape Life Church. We did a skit and then we taught the Sunday School class, it went really well and everyone is super excited for the big outreach! One of the staff here, Odith, had the entire DTS over to her house for dinner and worship tonight.

Starting tomorrow we’re going to be house sitting again for the couple we house sat for over christmas break. We’re really excited to have a change of scenery and our own kitchen! Not to mention a washing machine. We’ll be staying there until Saturday and taking care of their adorable dog.

We’re trying to grow our youtube channel so please subscribe and leave a comment if you have any video suggestions you want to see. Thanks for stopping by!


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