Caplaki Craft Village

Caplaki Craft Village is made of 38 individual businesses that have stalls all next to each other in a huge co-op. You can find coins from before 1994, all kinds of gitenge crafts, jewelry, leather crafts and batik wall art. There is not only an awesome selection of handmade Rwandan crafts, but also lots of hand-carved masks from DRC, banana fiber jewelry from Uganda and all kinds of crafts from Kenya. It’s one of the best places we have found to buy crafts in Kigali. Be sure to barter because the initial price will be way too high.




It’s a little bit hard to find though, if you take a moto taxi you can tell him to go Ruganga close to UR College of Business and Economics and you will pass by it. As you head down the hill past  La Tratoria, you will go into a forested area and then you will see a big green sign for the Craft Village.



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